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3 Strategies To Hire Software Developers in 2017

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May 12, 2017 | Topic: Nearshore   Outsourcing   Software deployment  
3 Strategies To Hire Software Developers in 2017

The importance of software in 2017 cannot be overstated. Every company today relies on software, whether it’s embedding software into traditional manufacturing products, or engaging customers via a mobile application. And it is not just the traditional IT department which is hiring tech talent, but also areas such as marketing – research shows for example that 2017, for the first time, will be the year that the CMO actually spends more than the CIO on technology. Non-traditional stakeholders are increasingly hiring software developers for bespoke software projects or developing a new mobile app for a specific customer initiative.

So what should you be aware of when hiring software developers and testers in 2017? We suggest considering the following points when searching for digital talent:

1. Look for top talent, but culture and character rule

In recent years there has been increasing focus on hiring “rock star” developers. But product development is complex and becoming more so. To handle a large code base, you need high-performing teams where individuals work closely together. It is not individuals that ship great code, but rather teams. Therefore make sure to hire based on cultural fit and ensure team members have the soft skills to work well in a team, rather than solely on technical ability.

2. Freelancers may not be your best bet

We know that finding great talent in 2017 is a major challenge, especially in tech hubs such as Silicon Valley. Technology leaders therefore often look to supplement their teams via freelancers, and there are several platforms which offer easy access to hiring such programmers. However, great software is not made by individuals but rather by teams that work effectively together. Hiring freelancers who are not familiar with your organization, your culture, or even your product is not an effective solution. This is one of the key reasons why we don’t expect to see the “uberization” of software development anytime soon.

3. Look to the power of nearshore amidst a changing political environment. The world of outsourcing does not take place in a vacuum. That’s why Belatrix’s research has also focused on the political climate, and what President Trump’s visa clampdown will mean for the technology industry. If you are reliant on offshore talent being placed onshore, then increased scrutiny and restrictions on these practices will increase your business risk in the current political environment in the USA. The option of nearshore (where you work with a partner based in the same or similar timezone) therefore becomes even more attractive, because you don’t need to bring individuals onshore. You can maintain the benefits of outsourcing and hire great developers from Latin America, but still work in real-time together. The nearshore model is also ideally suited to Agile development methodologies, and enables you to practice “real” Agile, not a version of it.

It’s clear that in 2017, hiring digital talent will be a top priority for organizations. Companies today engage with their customers via the software they build. These 3 strategies will help you find and hire the best talent to help you achieve your digital growth.

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