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A life changing TechDay

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December 06, 2018 | Topic: Hackathon  
A life changing TechDay

Four years ago at Belatrix we decided to start working on a project that would captivate the interest of youngsters and inspire them to pursue their passion in technology. That was how “TechDay” was born; an opportunity to get to know how software is developed and understand how it can simplify everyday issues. With this in mind, volunteers at Belatrix would sign up to share and spread their enthusiasm on their specific area of expertise.

This year we had two events in Mendoza, Argentina. In the first one – held at the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional – several employees from Belatrix and the FONBEC scholarship program, sponsored 30 outstanding young people that were in need of economic support. The second event had the collaboration and support of the Champagnat University , which is one of the oldest and most traditional universities in Mendoza. The event had over 89 high school attendees. However, it was one of these students, Juan, who gave us all a heart touching moment, which I want to share here.

At the end of the event, everybody was excited to know who were the winners. When the first name was announced, something totally unexpected happened; one of the school directors started to cry out of joy, because Juan, one of the students, had been granted a full scholarship to study any career of his choice at the University of Champagnat. The reason for such joy was because life has not been easy for Juan. Recently his mother had passed away, so he would not have been able to pay the tuition fee all by himself. “Now I can really think of continuing my professional studies”, was Juan’s response while receiving the award.

It was a very emotional moment for everybody. For us it was also a surprise, as we had started off with the aim of guiding young students in their professional career in technology, and ended up shaping the future of Juan. I hope this example demonstrates how every one of us can work together to deliver a much better place for future generations.

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