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A quick guide to the CloudFail tool

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August 16, 2018 | Topic: Technology  
A quick guide to the CloudFail tool

We often come across sites or servers protected with CloudFlare, but to carry out a good penetration test it is almost mandatory to know the actual IP of the site.

CloudFail is a tool that is helps to unmask CloudFlare by providing the actual IP of the server. Basically, it uses the following three methods to obtain the information:

  • Check in
  • Check in
  • Perform a brute force with more than 2500 subdomains in its database

With these three methods, in 99% of cases it gets the actual IP of the server.

How to quickly install it

1. We install pip3 for python 3

<strong>sudo apt-get install</strong> python3-pip

2. We download the script from the repository and unzip it into a folder

3. We install the requirements:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt


python3 --target

It can be anonymized using tor by executing the following:

service tor start
python3 --target --tor


  • argparse
  • colorama
  • socket
  • binascii
  • datetime
  • requests
  • win_inet_pton



A quick guide to the CloudFail tool

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