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Reflections from Agile 2017: How to avoid falling into the dark side of Agile development

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November 08, 2017 | Topic: Agile   Agile Development  
Reflections from Agile 2017: How to avoid falling into the dark side of Agile development

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to participate, along with three other members of Belatrix Argentina and Peru, in the “Ágiles 2017” conference. This was the tenth edition of the event which brings together experts from 20 countries in Latin America to share their experiences in Agile methodologies. The objective was to improve and innovate the way of understanding and solving problems in the current world of work.

The dark side of Agility

The main speaker was PhD Javier Garzás, an Agile Spanish coach, and expert in project and team management, whose first Agile project was in 2001. Throughout his career he has helped more than 80 companies. Garzás gave a fascinating talk about “How not to fall into the Dark Side of Agility”, using multiple parallels with the Star Wars saga to warn us to be careful with the absolute truths and visions, the dark side of Agility. I created a summary and added my thoughts to demonstrate what the dark side of Agile looks like:

Reflections from Agile 2017: How to avoid falling into the dark side of Agile development

As for me, I had the honor to share two talks based on my Agile experiences:

  • Happy Agile Testing: We are in a new era, the era of Agile quality. Such projects are based on time, scope, budget, productivity, communication and, importantly, people’s happiness. Happiness is not a result, but a decision, which is why we need to manage and measure it. In this talk, we delved into a joint vision of what aspects should be taken into account to improve testing in Agile projects.
  • Agile Remote Work: It’s estimated that by 2020, 65% of projects worldwide will be developed remotely, so we must learn to work effectively in this manner and not resist it. I shared several tips for managing projects nimbly, as well as healthy habits when working in remote teams, based on my experience working in Belatrix.

Participating in “Agile 2017” was an incredible experience, that filled us with the energy to continue working nimbly, and with purpose. The conference was very well organized, and the more than 800 people who participated were received warmly, all of whom were looking for ways to learn and create more value in environments, with a more human touch.

During the three-day event, we shared sessions with the approach “Full Open Space”, which simultaneously reached more than 20 sessions of different topics. In this manner, whoever wishes, may propose previously prepared and rehearsed subjects, so creating a sort of market place. By setting the agenda we could choose which session to attend and, in this dynamic way, share experiences, solutions, projects, workshops, katas, facilitation, as well as improvement and coaching sessions, that helped us to understand, develop and better solve the problems in our projects and companies.

At the closing of the conference, the decision of the venue for next year’s event was held. I hope to meet again in 2018 in Mexico to share more Agile experiences!

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