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Agile QA Testing Ensures Better Software

Monica Colombo

Steve Mezak

September 5th, 2013

At Belatrix we live, breath, and love Agile development. We love it so much that we’ve adapted our own form of Agile QA testing to improve the final product of both in-house developed projects and projects where we just play a QA role. Applying the Agile methodology to QA testing results in increased productivity from the development team and a better software in the end.

How Agile QA Testing Works

Agile QA Testing

What is Agile QA testing? While it’s similar to typical forms of QA testing, we make testing a joint effort across both developers and testers. No longer are the developers focused solely on creating code while the testers wait to get their hands on it and find the problems.

In many typical development scenarios, QA testers are kept as a separate part of the team, which means they had little interaction with developers. The thought is that the testers might deviate and delay the development process. However, what we’ve found works best, is keeping everyone informed, together, and focused on the same goal of creating a quality product.

Our Agile QA testers have an understanding of the larger picture for the projects they’re assigned to. They know the overall goals of the software, while the developers may be focused down in the tiny details of the product. Agile QA testers keep the developers in check. Rather than presenting one finished feature that’s been thoroughly tested to the client at the end of each sprint, our Agile QA testers are able to test the entire product throughout development and ensure the whole project is meeting its larger goals too.

Agile Testing With Large Scale Development

Clients have seen great success with this approach to QA testing. For example, one of our clients (an insurance company in the United States) was having their development and automated QA testing done in India. They had a significantly large framework and they came to us and asked us to continue within that framework and with the existing automated QA tests. But what they really needed was enhanced manual QA testing.

We used our Agile QA methodology to ensure their project and development was meeting their larger goals. We communicated with them on a daily basis, helping ensure a smooth development process by finding and helping to solve any QA issues as they occurred. The biggest benefit for this company was that our Agile QA testers saw the big picture for their software and made sure that their testing helped lead the project to that final result. Having real time communication and the ability to understand what the software is really supposed to do made all the difference.

Testing is an important part of any Agile development and outsourced software development. Try implementing Agile testing into your process and remember that quality products are tried, tested, and true to their larger vision.


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