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An Army Of Reasons To Keep Rising

Alejandra Morales

December 30th, 2014


With the year coming to an end we often fall into a nostalgic mood where we replay the moments of significance from the last 12 months. Here at Belatrix, we had an amazing 2014. Maybe you’re wondering why we’re showing a picture of the movie 300 to illustrate this post; the truth is that we couldn’t help but celebrate reaching 300 people!

As you may know, we recently launched a new development center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that will open new opportunities and help us take wider advantage of the huge talent pool available in the country. Not only does this expand our QA and development teams, but because of our rapid growth we’re also glad to welcome a new team of recruiters that will be working from our offices to help find and recruit the best talent. 

As our presence in the technology services market has rapidly increased, so has our visibility. This year we received the honor to be invited by Argencon to a series of meetings at The Council of the Americas in New York along with companies such as HP, Accenture, and IBM, among others. We were the only SMB invited among these giants.

A short time after that event, we were awarded “Exporter of the year” by AEM, Association of Business Executives from Mendoza. We were nominated back in October along with another three companies. The criteria for winning was based on the added value we provide to our clients. We’re very proud of our people, who deserve the honor for their passion and commitment.

Already 2015 is looking like it will be a very strong year, and we´re expecting to continue to grow rapidly. We´re strongly positioned to help more and more companies in their critical technology and business initiatives. During 2014 we grew 40%, and we’ve recently closed several amazing projects that will see us growing another 25% even before 2015 kicks off. But we´re not just about the numbers; we are a team. Just as the Spartans counted on their peers to protect them during battle and worked as one, we collaborate together to enhance our clients’ and partners’ potential. Our goal is to take them to new levels and join with them in their triumphs. Let’s start an amazing New Year together!


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