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Lost your smartphone? Track it with Android Device Manager

Danilo Vezzoni

June 26th, 2014

If you lost your smartphone or it got stolen, you could easily track it implementing a very useful tool created by Google: Android Device Manager.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, Google launched this service with the objective of tracking stolen Android mobile devices with a Google account associated (Gmail). The only requirement, of course, is to have enabled Android Device Manager.

Screenshot_2014-06-18-14-55-08As an example, I’m going to guide you through the activation of this service in a Motorola Razr HD. Go to Configuration>> Accounts >> Google>> Location adjustment 

 As you can see, the app shows us the location of our device (in this case, Belatrix’s headquarters in Mendoza, Argentina) and also allows us to:

  • Ring our smartphone: at our command, the device will be ringing for 5 minutes at its highest volume even if it’s silenced or in vibrate mode.
  • Lock the device and set a new password
  • Erase all the information and data on the device

In case your cellphone got stolen, this service would be really useful to keep safe all your data. However, this may also be a hidden threat. If someone knew our Gmail password or managed to get into our account, that person could take over all of our synchronized devices: erase our data, lock our smartphone, and also track our location.

To track the location of a mobile device, Google uses three tools:

1-      Wifi

2-      GPS

3-      Mobile networks

Android device manager

If the smartphone is turned off, Android Device Manager won’t work.  It might show the last location where the device was activated and working, the service saves this information, but you won’t be able to lock it, ring it or erase the data.

How to make it “untraceable”

If you pay attention to the settings of Google Play, you can hide the visibility of your device and it won’t be traceable by Android Device Manager.

Android device manager2


The service also has a mobile version that can be downloaded from Google’s Playstore.

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