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Are you implementing machine learning?

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October 06, 2016 | Topic: Technology  
Are you implementing machine learning?

Help us find out about machine learning

Machine learning is garnering more and more attention in the tech industry. It was recently listed as one of the top emerging technologies by the analyst company Forrester Research.

Reflective of this attention, more and more use cases are emerging for machine learning. Spotify for example uses machine learning to tell if someone is jogging or doing some other activity, and then streaming the music to match their tempo/speed. They are using the data which is now available via sensors on people’s smartphones, to provide new services to their customers. meanwhile is betting on machine learning to take customer relationship management (CRM) beyond your usual process-orientated CRM. Small, additive features using machine learning technology can provide a high return on investment.

However we know that machine learning is still very much an emerging technology. It is still immature; there can be difficulties finding people with the appropriate skill sets, it can be difficult to imagine how the technology can be used to improve your business processes. In our experience, companies are not jumping into a full-blown implementation just yet. Rather they are hiring data scientists and machine learning practitioners to explore what is possible and feasible with the data they have.

And for that reason, Belatrix has recently launched a survey to better understand the current state of machine learning and artificial intelligence in organizations.

So if you’re involved in machine learning in your organization, please take our survey here. The survey should take no more than 3-5 minutes to complete, and all responses will be anonymous. However if you leave your email we´ll enter you into a prize draw to win a $150 Amazon voucher. Thank you!


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