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Argentina Focuses On Programming In Schools

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September 01, 2015 | Topic: Technology  
Argentina Focuses On Programming In Schools

Talent is the major concern for CEOs in 2015. Particularly in the fast growing technology sector, where new skills are constantly required, finding the right talent at the right time can be daunting.

But taking a step back from immediate hiring requirements means looking at education and training. With the dynamic changes currently underway in the technology sector (jobs for example such as mobile app developers, which didn’t exist 10 years ago), education systems must also actively change to ensure young people have the skills they need to enter the workforce.

Here at Belatrix therefore, we were delighted with last week’s announcement that the Argentine Ministry of Education announced that it would formalize computer programming throughout the country’s education system. The details of the announcement were:

  • Recognizes the strategic importance of computer programming to the country’s future. A key part of the announcement was simply in recognizing the importance of technology to the economic and social development of Argentina. It highlights the need for the education system to provide young people with the skills they need to form technology focused careers.
  • Formalizes the teaching of programming throughout compulsory education. The policy will ensure that programming is taught nationally throughout the school system.
  • Set up a network of schools to develop computer programming. The announcement also stated that it will create an inter-school network between schools that teach programming.

Argentina has long been held in high-esteem by global organizations for the quality of its technology talent, as well as more broadly for its highly educated workforce. We believe this announcement by the Education Ministry will help further cement this reputation, and ensure a strong supply of individuals with technology skills in the coming years. As a report by the Neo Group stated earlier this year, Argentina “has a lot to offer when it comes to skilled resources, adding more than 98,000 graduates and 11,000 postgraduates annually”. Reflecting the strength of its technical capabilities, the University of Buenos Aires came 18th in this years´ internationally renowned programming contest, ahead of Harvard University.

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