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Argentina top in worldwide study of technology skills

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July 03, 2019 | Topic: Technology  
Argentina top in worldwide study of technology skills

The Harvard Business Review recently published a research evaluating countries by their technology, data, and business skills. The research, conducted by the e-learning platform, Coursera, found that Argentina is the top country for technology skills, ahead of leading European nations. As the authors of the study write, Argentina “shines in the technology domain”.

The report offers a data-based perspective on the global skills market. The researchers measured and ranked the skills of 60 countries that together make up 80% of the world’s population and over 95% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It focused on evaluating three domains: business, technology, and data science.

The domains were composed of the following competencies:

Argentina top in worldwide study of technology skills


Key findings

The top 3 countries, divided by domain, were:

Argentina top in worldwide study of technology skills

The report divided the 60 counties into the following categories: Cutting-Edge (rank 1 to 15), Competitive (rank 16 to 30), Emerging (31 to 45) and Lagging (46 – 60).

Let’s dig into the domain results:

  1. Business. Europe is the leader with 11 out of the 15 countries in the cutting-edge category. As for Latin America, the two best-performing countries were Chile and Argentina.
  2. Technology. Argentina ranked first, above developed countries such as Germany, Switzerland, and Sweden. It was the only Latin American country to make it in the cutting-edge category, which was dominated by European countries (13 out of 15).
  3. Data Science. Israel holds the leadership of this domain despite being dominated by European countries (13 out of 15). Once again, Argentina ranked higher than all other Latin American countries.

Conclusion: Further recognition of Argentina’s strength in technology

Unsurprisingly, Europe ranked as the world’s most highly-skilled region, where 8 out of the 24 countries listed – Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Norway, and the Netherlands – are consistently in each of the top categories.

However, it’s Argentina which really stands out in the report. As the authors write “Argentina has developed a successful model that includes having its universities focus on teaching practical technology skills, and also has partnerships with governments to spur entrepreneurship”. In a similar vein, a couple of years ago the New York Times highlighted the strength of Argentine technical talent, stating “As Silicon Valley’s talent war has gone global…this Latin American nation has become a rich recruiting ground for corporations and foreign governments”.

Here at Belatrix, we see not only first-hand the depth of expertise among Argentine programmers, but also the efforts of the government to further improve the supply of talent. We’ve written about these efforts in the past, such as the Plan 111K, which aims to incentivize youngsters to get involved in the tech industry. As the world goes digital, and businesses need individuals with excellent technical abilities, so these efforts become ever more important.

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