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Javier Osorio

Javier Osorio works as a content marketer at Belatrix. He is responsible for developing content on the latest trends in the technology industry as well as providing key insights for C-Suite executives. Javier has experience in publishing, communications and digital marketing. He claims to be passionate about editorial design, music and bicycle riding, however this has not been entirely verified. Javier has been deeply influenced by Dali, Cortázar and Hendrix, which has led him to rethink conventional mindsets and come up with innovative ideas and concepts. He studied his undergrad at the Javeriana University, in Colombia, and his postgrad at Sydney University, in Australia. Javier has more than 8 years of experience writing for newspapers and other media outlets, as well as for marketing divisions of leading organizations with an emphasis on technology.

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User experience is now your business strategy


October 15 / 2019

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We’re all familiar with how companies such as Uber and AirBnb have wrought fundamental disruption to their respective industries. Taxis and hire cars existed long before the advent of...

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