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Karin Nauth Shelley

Karin Nauth Shelley heads up Belatrix's Global Marketing team, focusing on the firm's branding, communications, customer engagement, thought leadership, and lead generation and nurturing initiatives. Her professional background is a fusion of management consulting, customer research and technology consulting, and strategic marketing. Though Boston is home for Karin, she has lived and worked on both US coasts, including the Bay Area, and lived in the Caribbean as well as South America. Karin has a B.A. in Psychology from Boston University as well as an MBA with a marketing concentration from Simmons School of Management, both in Boston, Massachusetts in the US.

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The changing face of payments, security, and AI in finance


November 20 / 2019

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Money 20/20 – Belatrix’s key takeaways on payments, security and AI A couple of weeks ago, Belatrix, now a Globant Division, sponsored one of the largest global financial services...

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