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Leo graduated as a BS Information System Engineer in 1999 in Universidad Tecnológica Nacional. He has worked on Web based systems for 13 years, including work as a Database administrator, back end and front end developer on AVL systems (Automatic Vehicle Localization Systems). Since 2006, he has been with Belatrix working on a Automatic tracking web based system. He has been a Project Team Leader and lead developer since 2007. He has mainly worked on C# and .Net projects for the last 7 years. Leo likes to spend his free time with his family, his son and the twins girls. He likes to play paddle and ping pong as well as swim and run.

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Should you follow Lowe’s DIY approach to software development?


November 15 / 2019

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The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Lowe’s will be shifting its focus and investments towards creating more custom software, particularly on its e-commerce platform. As the Journal states:...

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