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How Belatrix became a Great Place To Work

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December 06, 2017 | Topic: Awards  
How Belatrix became a Great Place To Work

How Belatrix became a Great Place To Work

Belatrix has just been recognized as one of the best places to work in Peru. This follows on from our recognition in Argentina a couple of weeks ago (8th in Argentina). It’s also the second year in a row that both of our main locations have been recognized – next year we plan to also enter the award for Colombia, now that we have moved into our new offices just a couple of weeks ago.

So how does Belatrix do it? Firstly, we know that we are a services company. This means that our differentiation and our success comes from our people. Clients choose to work with us for sometimes differing reasons, whether it’s our approach to innovation or our competitive prices. But at the heart of every decision for every client, are the people that work at Belatrix. Without their commitment, dedication, passion, and expertise, our clients simply wouldn’t be working with us.

We have put in place a large team of human resource professionals in each of our locations, responsible for different areas ranging from recruitment and onboarding, through to arranging trainings, to organizing regular social events. Their responsibility is to create the best possible workplace environment, and from the results they have achieved in the Great Place to Work awards, they’re doing an incredible job. But even with this great team of People Care professionals in place, we recognize that caring for our people and making Belatrix a very positive and nurturing environment requires the commitment of all areas, managers and team members and not just HR. We all at Belatrix basically “own” this responsibility.

At the core of what makes Belatrix different is culture. From when my father, Luis, and my brother, Federico, and I, first started the company, we’ve put creating a great culture at the very top of our priorities. There are lots of aspects that go into this. But for example, I’ve often said in meetings with our teams, that we’re patient, and understand that people will make mistakes while they are working with us. But when it comes to politics or trying to undermine people, we take a zero-tolerance approach. We’ve worked hard, and with the help of great mentors and leaders throughout Belatrix, to create a healthy, high-performing culture.

So I want to dedicate this award to everyone at Belatrix who makes this company what it is. I’m already looking forward to what 2018 will bring!

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