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Belatrix helps to integrate programming in high schools

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October 25, 2016 | Topic: Technology  
Belatrix helps to integrate programming in high schools

Researchers from Kennedy University recently examined more than 14,000 job offers in Argentina and discovered that 78% of job demand is concentrated in just eight professions. This data reflects the phenomenon occurring in many countries, where there is simultaneously high unemployment, while at the same time certain industries struggle to find people. This is the current situation of the technology world.

Belatrix is not estranged from this reality. As a result, Belatrix continues to develop initiatives to introduce high school students to the world of computer science, and foster enthusiasm and passion about technology among young people.

For example, in September, the company joined forces with Aconcagua University in Mendoza to create a hackathon called “Tech-day”. Belatrix invited students in the final years of high school who had not had any formal training in software development. The students used Scratch, an educational platform designed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to provide a stepping stone into computer programming. With guidance from Belatrix volunteers, the students were challenged to build a functional game in one day. Awards for those who completed the challenges included scholarships to study at the Aconcagua University.

Tech-day opening ceremonyTech-day opening ceremony
tech-day Students developing games with the tool Scratch at the Tech-day event

In addition, every year Belatrix welcomes high school students from the Martin Zapata school in Mendoza. The students take a tour of the company’s offices and stay for talks about the company, the tech industry, the importance of learning English, and to hear from the experience of Belatrix’s workers from different areas.

Martin Zapata students visit Belatrix's offices Martin Zapata students visit Belatrix’s offices

Speaking after the event, Luis Robbio, Belatrix´s CEO and Co-founder, commented: “companies need to hire more and more people with technical skills and programming abilities. But not enough young people are choosing these degrees, creating a gap between supply and demand. What we want to show with these initiatives is how easy and fun programming can be, and encourage students to start a career in technology”.

 If you are interested in taking a chance in the software development world, check out all the open positions Belatrix has to offer to work at the company. Also, you can subscribe to the company’s monthly newsletter to get updates about free courses, talks, webinars, open jobs and more!

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