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Belatrix recognized for its major impact in Bogotá

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April 12, 2019 | Topic: Awards  
Belatrix recognized for its major impact in Bogotá

I am proud to announce that Belatrix won the award for the company having the greatest “Impact in media” in Bogotá, and was also nominated in the category “Greatest impact in services” in the Invest in Bogotá awards ceremony. Invest in Bogotá is an investment promotion agency that seeks to support companies that believe in the city as their ideal destination to grow.

The ceremony, which counted with the presence of several foreign investors and members of the government, awarded companies in eight different categories, including “Greatest impact in the city in manufacturing”, “Project with social impact – sustainability”, “Project with greatest impact in creative industries”, among others. We won the award in the category of “Impact in media” and were nominated for having the greatest impact in the city in services as a result of our efforts in helping companies with their digital transformations.

When I look back, I am proud to have witnessed the tremendous growth and impact of Belatrix in Bogotá. We held the inauguration of our offices more than a year ago, when our President and Co-founder, Alex Robbio, commented, “before we make the decision of opening headquarters in a new country, we carry out an analysis taking into account several standards. Bogotá was extremely well positioned.” Colombia has great potential in the field of technology services and outsourcing because of its highly qualified professionals, economic stability and its strategic geographical position.

Over the past year, we have grown from a team of 40 employees to a workforce of almost 100 people in the city. We now have more than 700 employees across three continents, and Colombia has become one of our key locations. We designed our offices to provide a healthy work environment that fosters co-creation and self-organization, reflecting the core values of our company and the principles of Agile development. As a result of these efforts, Office Snapshots, a leading online resource that highlights innovative and modern workplaces, featured our premises. You can see pictures of our Bogotá delivery center here. I also recommend watching our timelapse video of how we built the offices.

In addition, our Bogotá offices have been the place to inspire and support people to get involved in technology. We’ve hosted many meetups where experts and enthusiasts gather to share experiences and knowledge about subjects that range from specific programming languages to strategies and advice to improve their performance or succeed in the labor market. Recently, we hosted a meetup about Angular and Firebase which was led by Alan Buscaglia, one of our UI software developer engineers.

We are all very happy with the results we have achieved over the past year. Last week we enjoyed the visit of Belatrix’s founders Luis, Alex, and Federico Robbio, who were delighted to see the progress we have made and how engaged our workforce is. We plan to keep investing to continue providing opportunities and creating high-quality digital solutions for our clients.


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