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Belatrix in the news – our 2018 highlights

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January 03, 2019 | Topic: Corporate  
Belatrix in the news – our 2018 highlights

2018 was a year of great media coverage for Belatrix. We were highlighted by a wide variety of media outlets such as Forbes, Talent Economy and Developer Economics, amongst others. It is important for us to acknowledge how the feedback from journalists, analysts, and the broader industry helps us constantly to improve and build a unique value proposition. Now that 2018 has come to an end, we have compiled those highlights that we consider deserve to be once again in the spotlight.

Without further ado, the selected highlights are:

“Be Laser-Focused From The Start On Building A Great Culture” 5 Leadership Lessons from Alex Robbio

Media outlet: Thrive Global
Date: January 17
5 Leadership Lessons from Alex Robbio

In this Q&A format article, Alex Robbio, Co-founder and President of Belatrix, talks about his experience as an entrepreneur during the economic crisis of Argentina, as well as the challenges he had to overcome in order to become one of the region’s leading software companies.

How UX design helps organizations meet the needs of their customers

Media outlet: Developer Economics
Date: August 10

How UX design helps organizations meet the needs of their customers

In this article, Belatrix’s expert in UX, Alejandra Rodriguez, talks about the importance that User Experience has for companies that are interested in developing products that meet the demands of their customers. It is an interesting overview that has its foundation on the UX design week Belatrix had a couple of months ago.

Advice for women in technology, from Argentina to the world

Media Outlet: Talent Economy
Date: March 20

Advice for women in technology, From Argentina to the world

For this article Silvana Gaia, Belatrix’s VP of Customer Experience, shares how she is working to change the stereotypes of women in a male dominant sector such as technology. Also, she talks about how today is a great time for women to empower themselves in order to succeed in the tech industry.

5 companies with amazing offices

Media outlet: Unleash / Office Snapshots Bogota and Mendoza
Date: August 27

Belatrix is not only about developing the best software; it is also about caring for our employees. This is the reason that drives our efforts in consolidating the best workplace possible. That is why we have been distinguished a couple of times for our top-notch infrastructure. Let the snapshots from our offices speak for themselves:



Are we nearing the end of Hadoop and Big Data?

Media outlet: Forbes
Date: November 16

Are we nearing the end of Hadoop and Big Data

The Big Data landscape just had a big change, when two of the leading Hadoop providers, Cloudera and Hortonworks, announced that they would be merging. In this article by Alex Robbio, President and Co-founder of Belatrix, he shares his thoughts about the upcoming future of Big Data for enterprises. As part of the Forbes Technology Council exclusive content, this article has reached over 37,000 views within a month. A must read.

Media coverage in Latin America

In addition to the media coverage in the US, we have also been mentioned in important media outlets throughout Latin America. The journey from being an Argentinian startup to one of the top technology leaders in the region is often featured by the press. Read on to check out the highlights of this coverage (note the articles are in Spanish).

Economía del conocimiento: ¿puede Mendoza tener un unicornio? (empresas de más US$ 1.000 M)

Media Outlet: Ecocuyo
Date: July 19

Economía del conocimiento: ¿puede Mendoza tener un unicornio?

In this article, Ecocuyo highlights the importance that Belatrix has had as a leading software provider in Latin America, especially in the province of Mendoza, Argentina. It also takes into account certain aspects such as the strength of the US Dollar, which in the long run ends up being a competitive advantage that allows cutting edge results under reasonable prices.

Belatrix: la empresa dispuesta a enseñarte para darte trabajo

Media Outlet: MDZ Online
Date: December 12

Belatrix: la empresa dispuesta a enseñarte para darte trabajo

Being a technology leader also means developing an organizational culture within your employees. This article serves as an entertaining walkthrough of Belatrix’s evolution from a small idea to the technology “giant” it is nowadays, and how training your staff should be an important component of your HR strategy.

Probó con el 111Mil y entró a trabajar en Belatrix

Media Outlet: Canal AR
Date: May 28

Reflecting on Argentina’s 111K program

The “plan 111Mil” is an Argentinian initiative that trains people that are interested in programming under a free, internet-based platform. Thanks to this initiative, Matias Aporta, a former pet groomer, had the opportunity to learn about software development and offer a much better future for his family. A heart warming article that talks about the willingness of Matias to surpass economic struggles and be able to become part of the Belatrix family.

Del bitcoin al mundo: 5 claves para entender la revolución de los contratos inteligentes

Media outlet: Infobae
Date: May 11

Del bitcoin al mundo

This article offers 5 very simple, yet important key terms to understand how bitcoin’s underlying technology, Blockchain, with its Smart Contracts capability, can shape the technology industry. The article features Juan Diego Bonelli, who is part of the blockchain innovation lab at Belatrix.

El mendocino que sueña con ser el próximo “unicornio”

Media outlet:
Date: July 25

El mendocino que sueña con ser el próximo “unicornio”

Luis Robbio, CEO and Founder of Belatrix, talks with about what it was like to start a software company in the middle of the Argentinian economic crisis, how he managed to expand the companies’ presence to other countries, and his perspective on entrepreneurship, education and technology.

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