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Belatrix partners with Kernel: Endeavor’s highlights

Alejandra Morales

March 7th, 2014

We are honored to share that Endeavor, a leader in high-impact entrepreneurship movement around the world, wrote an article about our recent partnership with Kernel and the importance it has for the type of association they promote.

Endeavor Entrepreneur company Belatrix Software, founded by entrepreneurs AlexLuis and Federico Robbio, was recently named a Co-Innovation Partner for kernel, a Silicon Valley-based software venture co-founded by Endeavor Mentor Avikk Ghose. This unique partnership is a testament to Endeavor’s model, both in terms of the mentor-entrepreneur connections that were formed and the “Multiplier Effect” of inspiring collaboration among members of the Endeavor network.

When it was first released in February 2013, Avikk’s kernel – a mobile web application that improves communications processes for companies – engaged the Endeavor network by enlisting the help of entrepreneurs Wilter du Toit and Antonio Carlos Soares for beta testing. Shortly after, Avikk was introduced to Alex, Luis and Federico at the 48th Endeavor ISP in Buenos Aires,  where the then-candidates quickly stood out with their expertise in software development and product architecture.

After the Belatrix founders were selected as Endeavor Entrepreneurs, Avikk saw an exciting opportunity to work with the company, which helps clients turn product concepts into high-quality releasable software, and accelerate the development of kernel’s offerings. With the support of Belatrix’s expert team, kernel was able to act on the feedback provided during the beta testing phase.

As a result of the partnership, kernel released a subsequent version of its application in November 2013, ahead of schedule, and now operates with customers in Argentina, Egypt, Jordan, Mexico and South Africa, including Endeavor Entrepreneurs Gabriel Manjarrez of MiMoni and Amr Shady of TA Telecom.

You can find the full article in Endeavor’s blog.


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