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Belatrix’s 2020 predictions: Digital maturity is the goal

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December 23, 2019 | Topic: Digital transformation  
Belatrix’s 2020 predictions: Digital maturity is the goal

Last week we published our 2020 predictions report, “Predictions 2020: Digital maturity is the goal”, looking at what we expect to happen over the next 12 months in the world of software development and digital transformation.

In the report we highlight how digital journeys for most organizations are already well underway. 87% of organizations are pursuing a digital transformation initiative according to recent research by Globant. However, this high percentage masks the wide disparity between different enterprises and the extent of their digital transformation efforts.

We highlight that in 2020:

  1. User experience will become your business strategy. Your UX is already a crucial element of the customer experience you deliver. We’ve seen the importance of UX continue to rise over the past few years, but we believe in 2020 it will become your strategy – that’s because the key factor determining how you compete, and how you win, against your competition will depend on the quality of the UX of the software that your customers use.

    We also highlight the emergence of immersive experiences that will create new customer journeys.Such experiences will turn your customers from being passive consumers who occasionally interact with the brand, into active participants. In addition, we focus on the rising importance of ethics and transparency in product design. Increasingly privacy-conscious consumers will place greater emphasis on choosing services that respect their data.
  2. Organizations will become “cloud-first” – and benefit from increased cloud innovation. Cloud computing is already a mature technology that the vast majority of businesses are already using to some extent. It may seem strange then that we have included it in our 2020 predictions. However, what has changed is that today, businesses are becoming “cloud-first”. This means that in every initiative, in every project, the use of the cloud must be considered. As a result, even though it is mature, the strategic use of cloud computing is becoming ever more important to businesses.

    We also examine some of the innovation that we are seeing in cloud computing, and how this is providing businesses with fresh options. In particular we look at serverless computing and function-as-a-service (FaaS).
  3. Digital cloud-first organizations transform cybersecurity. Closely related to our previous prediction, we examine how cybersecurity is changing in a world that is now cloud-first. We believe that in 2020 businesses will face an ever more complex threat environment – but also one in which as the nature of their organizations change, and more workloads are hosted in the cloud, then their security approaches and strategies will also adapt.

    We identify some of the common vulnerabilities that organizations face, particularly related to the cloud. For example, we found that it remains all too common for businesses to fail to implement basic security steps, such as a multi-factor authentication as part of their cloud app and cloud service configuration. We recommend organizations define a cloud governance strategy as a priority, in order to be well-prepared for a cloud-first world.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our predictions, and hope they provide insight for your organization’s 2020 strategy. In the meantime, on behalf of everyone here at Belatrix, we wish all our readers a very merry Christmas.

Download your copy of our 2020 predictions here.

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