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Belatrix’s HQ the world’s best offices

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June 29, 2018 | Topic: Human Resources   Institutional  
Belatrix’s HQ the world’s best offices

Creating a great place to work is one of the most important objectives for us here at Belatrix. We have tried to build a healthy environment that reflects our core values, while also fostering collaboration and excellence. As a result, we’re delighted that the design magazine, Office Snapshots, has featured our headquarters among the world’s best office designs.

In 2017, we opened our new headquarters in Mendoza, Argentina, in an iconic building in the city center, which dates back to the 1900s. We specifically designed the office to blend history with modernity, by creating a connection between the traditional architecture of the building, and the practices of Agile development, which is at the heart of Belatrix. One of the aspects that Office Snapshots underlined, is how our Mendoza headquarters was conceived with spaces that can be used as both private offices and meeting rooms, which fosters different working styles and promotes collaborative workflows, socialising, and learning. The magazine highlighted how the office design harnesses open spaces and natural daylight, as well as how it has been designed to be environmentally friendly – such as by discouraging people from using paper.

We believe that creating a great workplace environment is a key aspect in building a company culture, and this is reflected not only in our headquarters in Mendoza, but also in our offices in Buenos Aires, Bogotá, and Lima, where the organization Great Place to Work has repeatedly recognized us for having an attractive and healthy workplace.

Explore the photos below of our Mendoza offices!

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