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Belatrix recognized as a “rockstar company” in the Sadosky Awards

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December 11, 2018 | Topic: Awards  
Belatrix recognized as a “rockstar company” in the Sadosky Awards

Yesterday I had the pleasure to attend the ceremony of the 14th edition of the Sadosky Awards, organized by the Argentine Chamber of Software and IT Services Companies (CESSI). Here Belatrix was recognized as being a “rockstar” for our contributions to the industry. The event, which took place in the City Legislature of Buenos Aires, honors Manuel Sadosky, a scientist and promoter of computer science in Argentina.

For more than ten years, CESSI has recognized companies, teams, and individuals who are contributing to the improvement and growth of the software industry in Argentina. With the objective of enhancing the country’s digital capabilities, CESSI aims to strengthen the conditions underpinning Argentina’s growth. As a result, they grant awards and special mentions to companies according to innovation, computer talent training, entrepreneurship, among others.

This year, Belatrix was recognized as a “rockstar” for standing out in the field of informatics, and building innovative, high-quality products. Over the years, we have relentlessly focused on becoming one of the most recognized firms of software development in Latin America. Since the beginning, one of our top priorities has been to create a strong company culture based on empowerment and collaboration, which, along with our core methodology, Agile development, enable us to turn ideas into excellent digital solutions. Meanwhile, we have concentrated on positively impacting the local community, which is why we created initiatives such as our annual TechDay, to encourage promising engineers to pursue a career in IT. Also, earlier this year, we highlighted the work of Belatrix’s female leaders with the objective of promoting gender equality in the technology industry.

I feel proud of being part of such an incredible and committed team. This recognition is the result of the work of everyone at Belatrix. We´ll keep contributing to Argentina’s technology industry and take a leading role in transforming the sector, both here in Argentina, as well as internationally.


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