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Belatrix´s Silvana Gaia wins Bronze in the Women in Business awards

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November 21, 2018 | Topic: Awards   Corporate  
Belatrix´s Silvana Gaia wins Bronze in the Women in Business awards

I am very proud to announce that Belatrix’s Vice President of Customer Success, Silvana Gaia, has won the Bronze Stevie Award in the 2018 “Women in Business” awards, in the technology category.

The Stevie Awards for Women in Business are granted every year to female leaders, employees, executives and entrepreneurs who play a crucial role in their organization’s growth. The awards are divided in multiple categories that range from achievements in promoting work-life balance, to business and customer services, to innovation and communications.

Silvana won the award in the technology category as she has played a crucial role in Belatrix’s journey to become one of the fastest growing service providers of software development. She joined Belatrix back in 2002 and, since then, has worked in different roles that include being a developer, production director, account manager, and technical consultant. As a result, she gained expertise in both commercial and professional services areas, which are crucial for her current position. In 2017 she moved, together with her family, to the US to open Belatrix’s headquarters in Silicon Valley, where we have ambitious plans for expansion. Also, this year, Silvana jointly led the formation of the “Customer Success Management” function, a role that requires understanding the latest developments in technology such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence, to guide technology executives in their decisions.

In addition to her crucial contributions to Belatrix’s growth, Silvana has been a passionate advocate of getting more women involved in technology. Indeed, before accepting her award, Silvana moderated a panel discussion about the impact of automation, and argued eloquently that we need more female voices and insights when designing these powerful automated systems, which will increasingly impact all our lives. This year, in order to highlight the personal stories of Belatrix’s female contributors, we carried out the “Successful women in technology” week, in which women at Belatrix shared their insights and experiences. You can read Silvana’s complete interview here, and her blog about why is a great time to be a women in technology here.

It’s worth mentioning some of the recent successes that these initiatives have had. For example, every year in each of our locations, we host the Hackatrix, Belatrix’s Hackathon, an event that aims to promote the collective development of innovative ideas with a social purpose. Recently, in the Buenos Aires Hackathon, the percentage of women was bigger than ever: 34% of the attendees were female. This reflects our efforts to close the gender gap in technology and build inclusive environments. Other initiatives such as the Miguel Giaquinta Scholarship program and the Tech Day for highschool students, aim to introduce youngsters to the world of coding and encourage young girls to pursue a career in computer engineering.

On behalf of everyone at Belatrix, congratulations Silvana on this great achievement!


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