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How Belatrix successfully hires scarce technical talent

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September 08, 2016 | Topic: Hackathon   Talent   Teamwork  
How Belatrix successfully hires scarce technical talent

For many years a frequent topic of conversation in tech circles has been how to manage ever greater talent shortages. Developers are now not just hired by technology companies, but by organizations in every industry who realize technology has become a core part of their business processes. This has created ever greater challenges in hiring individuals with technical skills.

In light of these concerns, Belatrix recently attended Mendoza´s Human Capital Forum in Argentina, which brought together leading representatives of companies to discuss the role and importance of human capital in different industries, as well as best practices for managing individuals and teams.

 Federico Robbio at Human Capital Forum in Argentina

Belatrix´s Co-founder Federico Robbio outlined the various steps that Belatrix takes to manage human capital, which include:

  • Career development and training. At the heart of Belatrix’s approach to talent management is our investment in training and providing individuals with the opportunity to grow their careers. On average individuals at Belatrix attend 120 hours of formal training per year, which is well above the industry average. This training includes managerial and technical training, as well as soft skills such as language courses. Meanwhile, the company looks to promote from within – many of Belatrix´s senior management team started their careers at the company.
  • Involvement in universities, developer communities, and hackathons. On average Belatrix experts speak at a university every few weeks. Internship opportunities are provided to students during their studies, and many choose to continue their careers at the company after graduating. Belatrix is involved in developer communities, whether they may be focused on open source technologies, or for example in Lima, Perú where Belatrix supports local female developer communities by sponsoring and organizing events to help get more women involved in technology. Meanwhile we regularly hold hackathons, which bring together hundreds of developers to work on innovative ideas.
  • Corporate social responsibility. We know that young individuals want to work for an organization which has a positive impact on society. Belatrix works for example with charitable organizations such as the DANE Project which helps children with learning disabilities.
  • A great place to work. Belatrix has won awards by the organization Great Place to Work, highlighting our efforts in making the organization an enjoyable and rewarding place to build a career. Regular social events meanwhile help colleagues get to know each other, and build bonds between individuals and teams.

Belatrix complements these practices with data and technology applications. Belatrix has one of the largest databases of tech resumes in the region. We have also built a proprietary talent management system. This talent management system enables Belatrix to rapidly find the individuals with the specific skills and capabilities that customers are requesting.

We recognize that hiring technology talent continues to be a challenge, but we believe these efforts make a real difference and help differentiate the company from our competition.


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