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Belatrix wins key digital transformation award

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June 07, 2018 | Topic: Awards  
Belatrix wins key digital transformation award

I’m delighted to announce that last night Belatrix received an important award. The awards recognize outstanding small and medium sized businesses in Argentina, and Belatrix won the award in the digital transformation category.

The award ceremony was hosted by Clarin, the largest media company in Argentina, and the Galicia Bank, one of the largest banks in Argentina. The jury which assessed the finalists included the Director of the Galicia Bank, Gastón Bourdieu, and the Managing Director of Clarín, Héctor Aranda, as well as other senior executives from different organizations.

Belatrix wins key digital transformation award

Interestingly we received the award, not just for being focused on how we help our customers to transform, but also how we have transformed ourselves.

As a technology company we’re very much aware of what digital means for businesses in various industries. That’s why, since 2016, we have been following our own path of digital transformation. This journey has involved a three pillar approach:

  • Intelligence and innovation. We’ve set up new business units, and in particular new centers of excellence to develop our expertise in new technologies, such as blockchain and machine learning. We’ve invested in further enhancing our training programs to cover these areas – for example, both by having more classroom tuition, and also by making more courses available on our e-learning platform. Our focus on innovation has a long history, but in the past couple of years we’ve sharpened this focus, for example by running major hackathons in each of our locations.
  • Agility. Belatrix was one of the earliest organizations to adopt Agile development as a core methodology, which everyone in the company uses. We’ve found that Agile development provides an excellent approach to digital transformation – it is no longer just a software development methodology.
  • An unrelenting focus on our customers. The key motivation behind any digital transformation initiative is to improve the services that customers receive. For us, we’ve combined our focus on Agile development with Design Thinking, to ensure that we keep this focus on our customers. Combined with this, we’ve also made investments in our UX capabilities. Our sales and marketing area have also benefited from increased investment, particularly in new digital tools.

As the world of technology continues to rapidly evolve, so business models must also adjust. Here at Belatrix we’re very much aware of the need to continually assess our capabilities, and to research and examine new areas such as artificial intelligence. This award recognizes the steps that Belatrix has taken to be a leader in digital.


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