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The next stage of business growth at Belatrix

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February 14, 2019 | Topic: Corporate  
The next stage of business growth at Belatrix

This month I am relocating from Argentina to California. It’s both the next step in my journey with Belatrix, as well as representing the start of what will be a major investment from Belatrix in the USA. I’m incredibly excited about it. I want to explain here, both what this means for me personally, but also for Belatrix’s plans for the future.

The next step in my personal journey

There are many reasons why I decided to make the move to California. My friend and colleague, Belatrix’s President & Co-founder, Alex Robbio, provided a great perspective on the value of moving abroad, when he wrote about his move to Barcelona, after having lived many years in the US. He described how he wanted to provide his children with new opportunities, to having the chance to build Belatrix’s European business, to reviewing and testing his own “mental models”. Moving to the US will help both myself and my children develop a “global mindset” – something which Alex and Charles Green have also written about. As they wrote, “the skills you learn, particularly in what we would describe as having a “global mindset” are becoming more important as the world becomes more interconnected. This is particularly the case for entrepreneurs…it pushes you to look at things from a different perspective that you may not have previously considered- to challenge your existing mental models.”

The next stage of business growth at Belatrix

I can relate to many of these reasons. I’ve lived in different countries in the past and it was a great experience for me. Now I want my daughters to experience the same, while providing my family with new opportunities to enjoy a different culture and language. I also want to develop new skills, and open myself to new opportunities. It will also be a major challenge – as I aim to scale Belatrix’s business in the US, and take our growth to a new level.

Scaling Belatrix’s US operations – our next stage of growth

I’ve been with Belatrix for several years, helping the company build a world-class sales organization. We’ve been achieving strong growth rates in line with our yearly plan, and this year are aiming for 35% annual growth. To achieve this, we’re investing in different areas- from building our expertise and capabilities with new technologies such as blockchain and AI, building out our centers of excellence, to developing strong industry offerings, particularly in finance and fintech. In addition to this, building our onshore US operations will be key.

Since we opened our US headquarters a couple of years ago in Redwood City, we’ve been helped by senior Belatrix executives, Silvana Gaia and Pablo Lecea, who have done a great job building Belatrix’s presence and brand in the Valley. They lead our Customer Success Management team, which helps ensure our clients are delighted with our services, whilst also helping them to explore new opportunities for growth with many of the new exciting technologies which we’re seeing emerge. They are helping us create industry-leading customer satisfaction rates. Building on their great work, one of my key priorities in Redwood City will be to build and scale our US operations – we’re looking to grow both our sales and customer success management team in the region. I want our team to provide the most customer-centric service that’s available in the industry, and building our US-based team will be instrumental in achieving this.

Altogether I know 2019 will be an exciting year, and I’m looking forward to meeting and overcoming both personal and professional challenges as we grow Belatrix’s business. If you’re in San Francisco and would like to meet and know more about Belatrix, please drop me a note. I’m looking forward to meeting new people and making new connections!

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