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Celebrating Belatrix’s 16th Birthday!

Emilia Robbio

June 28th, 2018

It’s a special week at Belatrix. We’re celebrating its 16th anniversary. Sixteen years ago, the Robbio family, of Luis Robbio, and his two sons Alex and Federico, co-founded the software company. In this blog post, I’d like to highlight some of our major milestones – and where Belatrix is now at.

Belatrix was founded in the small town of Mendoza in Argentina. At the time, software talent was rare in Mendoza- the city is better known for its wines. This is why the founders placed great emphasis on talent development, which has become one of the greatest differentiators of the company. Our internal training program invests more than 100 hours of training per person per year – nearly 3 times that of typical companies in the industry.

In the years since we started in Mendoza, we have expanded to Lima, Buenos Aires, Bogota, Silicon Valley, and New York.

2017 in particular was an incredible year for Belatrix, as we inaugurated our new headquarters in one of the most historical buildings in Mendoza, as well as establishing our U.S headquarters in Silicon Valley. One of the things Belatrix prides itself on is our company’s culture, therefore we were thrilled when we found out we had been recognized as one of the best places to work in Peru and Argentina. During 2017, Belatrix also received the Argentine IDEA award for Enterprise Institutional Excellence. This award recognizes companies that have achieved excellence with respect to business management – assessing areas ranging from corporate governance, values, to transparency and company performance. The co-founders were also recognized as the EY Entrepreneurs of the Year.

Now 2018 we’ve hit the ground running, inaugurating our new offices in Bogota, and expanding into New York City, in addition to winning prestigious awards. We were recognized as one of the top small medium sized businesses in Argentina for digital transformation. Furthermore, we won a Silver Stevie Award for “Company Of The Year” in the 2018 American Business Awards.

So yesterday we had some special celebrations for Belatrix’s birthday. Check out the photos below, and also our Instagram and Facebook pages!

Celebrating Belatrix’s 16th Birthday!



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