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How chatbots have helped businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic

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June 05, 2020 | Topic: Artificial Intelligence  
How chatbots have helped businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic

Over the past few months, as the Covid-19 pandemic has brought havoc across the world, many businesses have used chatbots and virtual assistants to help navigate the situation and provide crucial information to individuals.

Companies have used bots to respond to thousands of queries a day during the pandemic – on everything from revised opening hours, to handling refunds, to providing key information about the symptoms of Covid-19.

Sectors from retail, healthcare, to banking all turned to chatbots to help meet the needs of people and answer as many queries as possible. Travel companies used bots to help respond to thousands of queries about cancelled flights and refunds – handling a quantity of queries that would have been impossible to do manually. In other cases, contact centers had to close, leaving the bot as the only point of contact for customers.

We also saw how chatbots could help navigate and improve the response to the pandemic. IBM’s Watson Assistant for Citizens enabled public authorities to provide information on everything from Covid-19 testing to how people could access unemployment benefits. In April, Google released the Rapid Response Virtual Agent, which enabled companies to quickly build a virtual agent and deliver automated services.

Despite the effectiveness of chatbots in many specific situations during the pandemic, they remain difficult to implement effectively. Most chatbots are rudimentary in nature and are only effective in helping customers with simple, transactional tasks. However, we are seeing increasingly sophisticated bots which use AI and natural language processing to help customers with complex tasks. We’re also seeing how enterprises are quickly realizing the importance of ensuring their bots are closely integrated with their business processes.

In our latest whitepaper, we explore chatbots and how they have helped businesses navigate the Covid-19 pandemic. We also examine their use in the financial sector, and identify five key success factors that executives should consider when implementing a chatbot in their organization.

Download your copy of the whitepaper here.


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