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Cloud Computing – Opportunity or Hype?

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August 16, 2012 | Topic: Cloud Computing   SaaS   Virtualization  
Cloud Computing – Opportunity or Hype?

We live in a world of constant change.  Technology disruption, including, for example, Cloud Computing, challenges  enterprises to consider the possible benefits to their overall business and software development strategies.   A July 2012 Forrester analyst blog reports that “35 percent of enterprises [surveyed] have a big focus on cloud computing.”  Firms feel pressure to adapt and keep pace, jump in and capitalize on its advantages, or at least review and scrutinize more closely to see if these are viable solutions or mere hype.  Belatrix’s clients represent a cross section of the above.  So why consider Cloud Computing?

The Cloud Potential

Flexibility: With Cloud Computing, you can “rent” infrastructure or computing capacity, allowing you to ramp up or down as necessary. Apart from other benefits, it can help firms that have varying needs throughout the year.

Enterprise-class infrastructure: Cloud provides access to leading edge infrastructure without requiring the heavy upfront investment levels traditionally required.  This potentially shatters barriers to market entry, and opens up the playing field especially for small and medium size companies, giving better scalability.

Financial leverage: In some instances, Cloud Services offers a somewhat attractive and accessible initial investment.  Features such as pay-as-you-go not only allow businesses to capitalize on the functional aspects of the service but also the financial engineering ability.

IT Infrastructure: As part of the infrastructure handled in the Cloud, you can manage your IT Infrastructure with more freedom. You gain freedom from key decisions about acquiring services or hiring people.

Reliability: The Cloud is more reliable than most people think. Providing you select a good service provider, you likely benefit from their scale.  For example, they are able to build and test those services to keep up with the demand of their customers.

Setup / Implementation: Rather than build in house capability, footing full responsibility for set up and deployment, the Cloud provider takes charge of that, providing ease of use. This is an important especially if you need to deploy apps within shorter timeframes.  It also helps you increase overall the ROI on your apps.

What role is Cloud playing in your enterprise?

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