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Developer interest driving development of IoT

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May 05, 2016 | Topic: Internet Of Things  
Developer interest driving development of IoT

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In the the first quarter of 2016 we surveyed 564 Latin American developers, to better understand the current dynamics in the nearshore services industry. Over the next few weeks we’ll be publishing more of this data, but I want to give a first view of some of the most interesting aspects to come out of our analysis so far.

One of the questions we asked was:

How much experience do you have developing Internet of Things (IOT) solutions?

Out of those who replied they have experience, 9% said they were researching IOT for their company, 36% were researching in their personal time, 22% had already developed an IOT solution or application for their company, and 30% had already developed an IOT solution or application in their personal time.

This is fascinating data because it demonstrates:

  • The pace of Internet of Things (IOT) deployments in Latin America is significantly outpacing those in every other geography. Other survey data, from Forrester Research, has indicated that 84% of firms in Latin America are interested, planning or currently using IoT solutions or applications.
  • More than a third of Latin American developers are researching and creating IOT solutions in their own time. By investing their personal time and effort in staying at the forefront of technology, developers in the region are ensuring their skills will be in demand from organizations around the world.

Interestingly, when we delved deeper into this question, and asked, whether the IOT solutions that the developers were creating were consumer or business focused, 65% replied that it was consumer-focused.

In addition, nearly half (44%) stated they were using open source when developing IOT products. Open source of course will be increasingly important in ensuring the interoperability of the vast array of different connected devices. Open source big data tools meanwhile will be essential in handling the huge quantity of data these devices will produce.

* Methodology note: Belatrix Software received 1195 responses to an online survey. From this data we removed responses which were significantly incomplete, and responses which stated they were not developers or had no experience developing software, leaving us with 564 responses. The survey was fielded in Spanish and English.

Individuals were recruited via Facebook, Twitter, and the Belatrix blog. Respondents were eligible to enter a draw to win a Moto 360 smartwatch.



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