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Leveraging Global Talent with Distributed Agile Development

Steve Mezak

September 13th, 2013

Agile development has historically meant all team members need to meet regularly in the same room. Collaboration has a reputation that necessitates close proximity of team members. But, that model also means a limitation on the talent a team can incorporate. These days, distributed Agile development is disproving that old formula, and replacing it with one that values talent over location.

Global talent with distrituted agile developmentIn other words, you can take advantage of talented people around the globe, if you create a proper distributed Agile structure. This entry is part 1 of a two-part series where we will examine the benefits of distributed Agile development. In this first part, we’ll look at technologies, layout and structures necessary to facilitate successful distributed Agile.

As mentioned, distributed Agile development is effective because it allows you to access a greater pool of resources for projects. Geography is a limitation. If the talent in your area of the world is limited, the project could suffer. But if you could leverage resources around the globe, the talent pool widens and the project can benefit.

As with any properly run project, communication is key. Factoring in time zone differences and cultural considerations will help ensure a smooth project. Educating teams members on both of these factors will help move the project along.

Even though teams could be spread across time zones or continents, technology can help facilitate effective communication. At Belatrix Software, we push our teams to have face-to-face communication via video conferences or video talks. We understand that seeing the face of a counterpart in another country helps improve teamwork. In addition to desk-side Skype communications, we invest in up-to-the-minute technology for our meeting rooms. This way, in our daily stand-ups, all our people in the same room can interact with each other. Having all the team members see each other, and giving them the opportunity to interact with each other, is a great way to help guarantee successful communications.

But Belatrix doesn’t put the responsibilities of communication solely on the Agile team members. We also have regular meetings with the client CEOs and CTOs to ensure we understand their expectations. By keeping everyone involved, we work to have less misunderstanding throughout the entire development process.

By fostering top-to-bottom communication, utilizing the latest technology and clearly delineating expectations and roles, distributed Agile development can work effectively. In so doing, it can save clients money by having outsourced software development deliver solutions at a lower cost.

Contact Belatrix if you are putting together an Agile team to complete your next software development project. Our team members are experts in outsourcing software development, and we can guide you to get the results you need.


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