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Promoting the empowerment of women in tech: the WomenHack event

Alejandra Roitman

January 31st, 2019

I believe I have been fortunate to work in the technology sector for several years without feeling any kind of disadvantage or obstacle because of my gender. However, I know we are still fighting stereotypes and the number of women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) remains low. I wonder if this is because women aren’t getting enough visibility in the technology labor market.

This was the question that led Marina Petrenko, Director of Operations and Business Development of WomenHack, to build a community that empowers women while helping them to get in touch with the most important technology companies worldwide, in a casual environment.

As an article in Forbes points out, the typical networking event can sometimes be aggressive and competitive, while they are usually dominated by men. As a result, WomenHack organizes recruiting events worldwide, where they invite experienced women in the fields of software engineering, product management, UX and UI, to participate in diversity talks and one-to-one interviews in an easygoing environment where they can see what the labor market has to offer.

This time, Veronica Oliveto, Belatrix’s People Care Coordinator, and I had the pleasure to participate in the event, which was organized by WomenHack in collaboration with our HR marketing team at our offices in Buenos Aires.

The event kicked-off with 5-minute diversity talks in which I was delighted to share my story: I started as an intern in the QA (Quality Assurance) and then I worked in the development area Then I became a Scrum Master, a role that allowed me to create strong bonds with my co-workers while helping them grow professionally. While I continue in this position I am also a Leader Coach, working with leaders to optimize processes and improve quality.

Also, attendees were able to participate in a “speed dating” dynamic, which are 5-minute interviews to talk with engineers, managers, and recruiters of different companies to learn about their goals, projects, and company culture. Our recruiting team was part of this session.  

I was delighted to see people highlighting the fact that we are a caring and professional company, where we have established trust and communication among employees, and where diversity is seen as a strength.

The WomenHack event is a great opportunity, not only for companies and candidates to connect and interact, but it is also a chance for people to learn from each others’ experiences and challenges. I am proud to be part of the companies that seek to empower women and I hope more initiatives like this take place, not only in the tech industry but in all industries.

You can see the photos of the event on our Facebook page.


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