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Helping Endeavor Celebrate Its 20th Anniversary

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December 05, 2017 | Topic: Business  
Helping Endeavor Celebrate Its 20th Anniversary

Helping Endeavour Celebrate Its 20th Anniversary blog

The worldwide entrepreneur organization, Endeavor, has been celebrating its 20th anniversary. The international non-profit organization has an excellent record in promoting and developing entrepreneurs, who in many cases have gone on to build influential companies around the world.

The idea that drives Endeavor is that it’s entrepreneurship which creates economic prosperity – but many parts of the world don’t have ecosystems of entrepreneurs, which have been shown to make a major difference in the chances of success for emerging organizations. By providing access to management tools, consulting support and connection to a global network of over 1,500 high impact entrepreneurs and talented mentors who want to share and provide advice, helps create new ecosystems and strengthen existing ones. In fact Endeavor Entrepreneurs have created over 700,000 jobs globally, including in the United States, and generated over US$ 10B in revenue in 2016 alone. As entrepreneurs in the network state for example: Alexandra Llosa, “being part of the Endeavor network changed us completely”, while Joey Riviera states “As an entrepreneur, Endeavor has challenged me to think differently, to lead differently, and to expect more from my company”.

To help celebrate its anniversary, the organization has created a collection of stories from entrepreneurs in its network:

These stories have been put together into an easily searchable, and user-friendly, website. The site, which was created by Belatrix, makes it easy for users to filter the powerful stories by region, country, or position, so it is easy to find inspiration close to home. Three of Belatrix’s experts (one Scrum Master, one UI, and one UX expert) spent 4 weeks building the site together with the Endeavor team. You can read about the work we did in our case study.

Belatrix is very familiar with the organization, because in 2013 it itself was selected by Endeavor to join the ranks of its high-impact entrepreneurs. In joining this network, Belatrix was following in the footsteps of well-known companies in the region, such as Mercado Libre and Patagon.

Congratulations to Endeavor on its 20th anniversary!



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