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What makes an exceptional Agile Testing engineer?

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January 07, 2013 | Topic: Agile   Nearshore   Scrum  
What makes an exceptional Agile Testing engineer?

Testing is a crucial part of smart software development.  That old saying, “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression”  holds for software too.  Investing in testing minimizes product exposure risk, and maximizes chances of success.  Belatrix works with client to deliver Nearshore Agile Testing services.  Testing engineers are active contributors to the Scrum for example, collaborating on testing in an iterative aligned way.

What makes a exceptional Agile Test Engineer?

Exceptional Agile Test Engineers…

  • COMMIT – Show strong commitment to their project and team.
  • PRACTICE TEAMWORK — Are strong team-members.  Set high standards and ensure colleagues’ success. Focus on tight team coordination and integration of work.
  • COMMUNICATE — Maintain effective level of face-to-face communication.
  • HAVE CONVICTION — Are brave and face challenge head on!  Defend their convictions.
  • ARE PEOPLE CENTRIC – Focus on people on team, internal and client, and end user.
  • K-I-S-S — Keep it simple “smart.” Use the simplest solutions and common sense in solving problems.
  • SHARE FEEDBACK — Provide continuous feedback.
  • ANALYZE – Assess quality at ever stage in the product life cycle.
  • GO EXTRA MILE – Consider ways to add extra value to our clients (e.g. use acceptance test to check in the scope. Help Product Owners perform good test analyses or help programmers develop cases/data for unit tests).
  • CONSIDER ALTERNATIVES — Are creative and open to alternatives to test.
  • CLARIFY — Ask questions if something isn’t clear.  Validate even when they believe they understand.
  • KEEP TRACK OF TIME – Maintain a fast and iterative rhythm of the environment.
  • ARE EXPERT – Continuously grow QA expertise/ talent by ensuring a balanced and effective grasp of diverse project areas.
  • IMPROVE CONSTANTLY – Are relentless on continuous improvement. Practice actively thinking, communicating, and participation on the project.
  • USE COMMON SENSE — Have common sense to test.
  • HAVE FUN — Enjoy the job and understand its impact to the project, team, and client.
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