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Executive Series – Shared Purpose Aligns, Empowers and Revitalizes!

Alex Robbio

June 10th, 2012

Simple yet so powerful, a crucial part of enabling project success is to share the overall project vision with each member of the team.  An equally critical component of project success is to use frequent communications to continuously reinforce that vision at each stage of the project.

There’s a wonderful story which illustrates the importance of a shared vision:

A man was walking through a construction site.  He came across a worker who had a very sad, tense expression on his face. The man went over to the worker and asked, “Why are you so depressed?” The worker answered, “because all I am doing is breaking stone.”  The man continued walking through the construction site.  This time, he ran into another worker who seemed to be enjoying his work.  The worker had a big smile, and was energetically doing his work.  The man asked, “Why do you seem so happy?” The worker replied, “Well, I am helping build a beautiful cathedral!’

Sometimes, managers get so excited with metrics, performance, etc. that they forget to share the vision.  Team members feel as though they are merely “breaking stones” rather than building beautiful cathedrals!  Sharing your vision counts.



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