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EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award, my thank you speech

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May 02, 2017 | Topic: Awards   Software development  
EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award, my thank you speech

Belatrix EoY

Maybe you’ve seen the press release, but my partners and I were recently named EY “Entrepreneurs of the Year” in Argentina in the Emerging Entrepreneurs category. Since I ceded the opportunity to Luis, who is my partner and dad, to say a few words on the stage, I thought I could now give my own thank you speech here.

As I was standing there getting the award there were so many thoughts and feelings that crossed my mind that it would be hard to capture them all, but I will make an attempt to put some of them in writing.

I felt incredibly humbled that the award had my name on it, when I knew that for us to have the opportunity to stand on that stage, there had been so many other people both within the company and outside that had helped us get there. Starting with my mom and all her support, and of course my father and how much of his professional experience he has shared. And particularly my wife and best friend who’s been with me through so much. In fact there probably wouldn’t be a Belatrix in its current incarnation if it wasn’t for her entrepreneurial spirit, as it was she who pushed for us to move to the US in 2001 which required an incredible leap of faith as we had no contacts, no money, and no fall back options. She never lost sight of the vision when we both had to roll up our sleeves and do odd jobs from cleaning a supermarket to working in fast food places when we first moved to the US. She supported me and kept the family together when I was required to travel so much, or work so many long hours, as the company was taking shape.

I also felt so grateful for our management team – both for those that have been with us for many years (some of them more than 10!) as well as those who have more recently decided to join us to make our shared dream a reality. It doesn’t escape me that being as talented as they are, they have many other options. Managing for aggressive growth like we’ve been doing for the past years is not easy, as it basically means you never hit a comfort zone. When you think you have things under control… boom! Growth happens and you have to think of new ways to manage the operation, as what worked just a few months ago is no longer adequate. So I know how hard the team works every day to keep the company on its path to executing our vision.

I remembered the mentors we’ve had over the years like Alok Mohan and Rodney Aiglstorfer as well as the countless mentors we’ve met through Endeavor who have shared their experiences, and provided their ideas and support to make us better and better over the years.

I felt gratitude to our clients. I remembered when we were getting started and how distant it seemed that we could someday be able to work with clients of the caliber we now have.

And of course I also thought of all our associates, especially those that have been with us for so many years. If there is something that gives me the most satisfaction being an entrepreneur it is having had the opportunity to generate so many opportunities for personal and professional growth amongst our people. It truly inspires me to keep at it when I think of some of our people who had never taken a flight prior to joining the company 14 years ago, and now they work side-by-side with people from some of the best companies in the world and graduates from some of the best universities. I felt inspired that we provided those opportunities, but also that people were willing to put in the effort, dedication and passion to leverage those opportunities and make the best of them.

Thank you to everyone for making Belatrix what it is.

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