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Get to know us: introducing Gabriel Vásquez

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March 01, 2019 | Topic: Human Resources  
Get to know us: introducing Gabriel Vásquez

Interviewing people with different personalities is part of my job. Sometimes people are talkative and gregarious, other times quieter and more reserved. Gabriel Vásquez, one of our top tech leaders, is on the more reserved side. However, when we started the interview, I realized that his mild-manner and soft-spokenness, masked a particularly driven mindset – one that sees challenges as an opportunity to learn and grow. With that, I want to present here a passionate interview of how obstacles should encourage us to work harder in order to achieve the best results.

“I consider myself to be passionate about challenges because they offer us the chance to improve our skills and knowledge”

  • Can you please tell me about your role and the story of your career?

Well, at the moment I have two separate responsibilities: firstly, I lead one of Belatrix’s development teams on a very interesting project for a client. Secondly, I lead the DevOps Center of Excellence (CoE) at Belatrix. The Centers of Excellence were born as a measure to bring the best of innovation in the industry to our customers. Therefore, the DevOps CoE focuses on delivering technology and best practices to help organizations adopt DevOps.

I started back in 2005 as a Database Developer, afterwards, I learned to program in Delphi and later on I became familiar with Java. In general terms, I think the journey has been interesting because I had to, as we commonly say, “fight for the opportunity” in order to improve my skills and pave a better professional career. Fortunately, at Belatrix this is something that depends on your personal willingness to grow and become a better professional.

  • What is the thing you love the most about your job?

I would say it’s the constant challenges the industry has. Every day new methodologies, technologies and practices come up and it’s your responsibility to keep up to date on the new features of them. Also, I really like the fact that at Belatrix we work with different customers, accounts, and verticals. This widens the spectrum of possibilities and allows you to move, change and adapt to different environments, which in the long run makes it even more interesting. Overall, I love the nature of technology, which demands continuous research.

  • What has been your most memorable moment at Belatrix?

I recall I was a bit overwhelmed when the concept of cloud technologies came out. The mere idea of not having the information on a local drive was something that demanded a reinvention of the industry as a whole. To be honest I was not very sure where this was going to end, however, as time passed by, I understood how this shift would benefit my tasks on a daily basis. I remember the entrance of this new technology because it completely changed the paradigm at the time. It is by far the most disruptive technology I have faced along my career.

  • What are your goals for your career?

Well right now I am at a moment of my life where I feel eager and excited to continue learning and studying in order to keep up-to-date with all the upcoming technologies. I feel very fortunate to be part of the information age where almost anything is available for us to read, watch and learn. Given that, why not nurture your skills through self-learning?

  • How has Belatrix helped you achieve your career goals?

In first place, I think working with different customers is an aspect that has helped me a lot to develop several important skills; being able to communicate effectively with people from different countries and cultures has enriched my perspective a lot. Also, at Belatrix I have the opportunity to master my technical knowledge through a myriad of training programs that are available to all of us, depending on our interests and professional profiles. In general, as I said before, this industry demands up-to-date professionals, which is something I cherish a lot.

  • Who is Gabriel outside of Belatrix? Do you have any hobbies?

I am married and have 2 daughters, therefore I like to spend as much quality time as I can with them. I also practice triathlon, which at the beginning meant a challenge for me; I’ve always enjoyed running and cycling, however, I learned to swim as an adult. I saw this as a personal challenge, so with discipline I practiced a lot until I got good at it. This has led me to be able to be part of important competitions such as the Ironman. All in all, I guess I consider myself passionate about challenges because they offer us the chance to improve our skills and knowledge.

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