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Get to know us: introducing Tomas Merlo

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March 05, 2019 | Topic: Human Resources  
Get to know us: introducing Tomas Merlo

Of all the people I interviewed, Tomas was probably the person who took the most time to think about the answers to my questions. His answers were conscientious, measured and calm, but no less interesting. When he talked about his time in Belatrix and the benefits that the company offers, I could feel a pinch of father-like figure in his voice. This is what he told me:


“There are always opportunities for growth, it’s up to you whether you take them or not”

  • Can you please tell me about your role and the story of your career, from when you started at Belatrix, to your position today

I have been working at Belatrix for seven years. When I started in the company most of my work involved tasks related to front end development and I had the chance to get involved with a variety of technologies. Then I started collaborating with the marketing department where I provided support in the development of Belatrix’s website. I also offered training and support in the UI area.

Then Belatrix offered me the chance to lead a project with a team of 16 people, some of whom worked remotely from Lima. This represented a big challenge for me but also a great opportunity to learn. After this period I was assigned another project, this time with people who worked 100% remotely. Those two projects were crucial to develop leadership skills.

After this period I returned to the marketing department, where I collaborated with events and initiatives. Most of my responsibilities involved analyzing statistical data and surveys. This analytic area always got my attention and was the field that ultimately allowed me to start supporting the digital marketing department, where I have been working for the past three years.

  • How has Belatrix helped you achieve your career goals?

I believe there are always opportunities for growth, but it’s up to you whether you take them or not. During my journey at Belatrix, I have been able to mold my career. When I look back I feel fortunate to have been part of the professional services area and commercial area, because it gave me a broader picture of the company. It allowed me to better understand the projects and the needs of our clients. I also want to highlight the fact that Belatrix has built an environment where its employees constantly learn and improve. Receiving feedback is crucial to detect issues, communicate problems, and achieve excellence. Also, the company offers training on demand to help us develop the skills we need to achieve our professional goals.

  • What do you love most about your job?

I love the possibilities of improvement and growth that Belatrix offers. In the area of digital marketing, we are going through a lot of changes and restructuring. We provide spaces for people to develop different skills, but we truly believe that individuals forge their destiny according to their specific interests. Personally, I have been able to make the most of these opportunities and I’m always aiming to add value to the company.

One thing that calls my attention, is the fact that although some employees leave the company looking for different opportunities, they return after a while. I believe this is due to our healthy environment and organizational culture which is based on trust and empowerment.

  • What has been your most memorable moment at Belatrix?

Satisfaction to me means to leave a footprint, a mark. It means to receive positive feedback of both the client and the people you are in charge of. It is to know that you fulfilled expectations. This is the greatest satisfaction.

  • What do you do in your spare time? Is there a connection between your hobby and your work?

I dedicate most of my time off work to my family. They are my priority and sometimes it feels that the time that I spend with them is not enough. But life is like that; it’s about improving day by day and looking for spaces to do what we love the most.

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