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Which are the greatest myths of automation testing?

Lorraine Maffi Dodds

April 8th, 2013

Word cloud for Software testingThat Software Automation Testing offers great benefits is a widely accepted idea.  Mainly software Test Automation improves your cost/benefit relationship, as you can run more tests, faster and with less resources. If carefully designed, automated tests are highly reliable, eliminating human error, repeatable, resuable and comprehensive – you can build a suite of tests to cover all the features in the application! Belatrix has a wide experience in automation testing for custom software development and highly experienced professionals with expertise using a wide range of different tools and methodologies. Choosing the right tools for the job and targeting the right areas of the organization to deploy them increases these benefits. The right areas to automate must be selected and a process for automating must be designed to ensure you reach a good port.

But … what is the greatest myth of automated testing?

Budget. A common pitfall of automated testing is that it can prove to be a good way of losing money! If the software application is in constant change, for instance, user interface portals are constantly changing, then automating the tests will only duplicate the effort and duplicate the expense of upkeeping the application.

To clarify this idea, you have your software application, which you go modifying throughout time, but for every modification you make in your software application, you must also modify and adapt your test suite, which, considering bottom line, is almost like having two applications instead of one.

As a conclusion, all the wonderful benefits of automated testing will only be really wonderful if you apply automation to a reasonably stable software. Otherwise, you will just be complicating development, and increasing your costs, without obtaining the desired benefit for the increase in investment.  They key is to know when testing automation is a smart choice for high value software QA & testing. 


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