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Horses For Sources Recognizes Belatrix As A New Age Service Provider

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December 22, 2015 | Topic: Agile Development   Software development  
Horses For Sources Recognizes Belatrix As A New Age Service Provider

I’m delighted to share the news that Belatrix has been included in Horses for Sources prestigious evaluation of the top service providers of software product engineering services. Out of the 13 service providers evaluated, Belatrix was the only company from Latin America.

As Pareek Jain`s blog highlights, companies urgently need the technical and software skills to stay abreast of the pervasiveness of digital technology in our lives. And to do that, they will in many cases look to partners with these skill-sets. This report analyzes such partners able to help companies in creating this business-critical software.

Pareek Jain stated in the blog that he was “particularly impressed” with Belatrix, which he described as a “new age software product engineering service provider without any legacy hangover”. I believe our strengths in Agile development, Design Thinking, nearshore delivery capability, as well as our flexibility and willingness to go the extra mile for our customers contributed to this positive evaluation.

In reviewing the market trends, I fully agree with Pareek’s analysis that the buy-side demand drivers have shifted to focus on acquiring the necessary skills as well as time-to-market, rather than cost. In the past cost was admittedly a factor when companies looked to outsourcing, but today technology (and particularly software) is simply too critical for business success to base a decision on rates. The word “partner” is often overused, but as we become responsible for creating and delivering the software at the heart of our customer’s businesses, which directly impacts the customer experience they deliver to their own customers, it better describes our customer relationships.

Thanks again to Pareek Jain and the whole HfS team for their efforts putting together this ground-breaking research. The report holds up a mirror to our efforts in becoming a different kind of service provider, where we bring together in particular the strengths of Agile and Design Thinking to deliver powerful experiences, rather than being an avenue to cut costs. I encourage readers of this blog to check out the blog summary, or if you are a customer of Horses for Sources, to download the full report.


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