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How we support local developer communities

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August 22, 2018 | Topic: Human Resources   Institutional  
How we support local developer communities

One of the most important components of Belatrix’s company culture is our effort to positively impact society and the communities in which we operate. Over the years, we have focused on building a strong set of values based on cooperation, motivation, and empowerment, and we want those values to be reflected in the activities we carry out in our contributions to local communities. We seek to inspire and support people to get involved in the technology world and we aim to show them the opportunities that the software development field offers.

In order to keep supporting people to explore the digital sphere, we have been hosting a series of meetups in our offices in Bogotá, where groups of students and experts gather to discuss subjects related to the tech world.

The event is the result of the activities that are planned in the website It is a social network where people with the same interests gather to share knowledge and experiences about a specific subject. The areas of interest you can find in the site include sports, films, languages and business. In the category of technology, there are meetups about blockchain, cryptocurrency and IoT.

How we support local developer communities

Welcoming the JavaScript community

Recently, the Bogotá JavaScript community met together in our offices, and I had the opportunity to talk with the organizers about the initial steps of the community, how it has evolved over time, and what they hope to accomplish.

The community was born in 2012 and they organize conferences every month. Their objective is to create a space in which experts and beginners share knowledge and experiences related to JavaScript. They described the event as “study sessions” in which both attendees and speakers can learn. For them, taking the time to prepare a presentation and sharing what you know is a process of learning. They also highlighted that these events do not have a financial objective; as they said, the meet ups are not about selling technology, but rather they are about explaining how we create and use such technology.

There are no restrictions on participating. Whether you are thinking about pursuing a career in development and simply want to clear any doubts, or you are a software expert that is passionate for teaching others, these meetups are for you. There are a variety of levels, from simple and basic subjects to advanced theory. This means you don’t have to be an expert if you want to be a speaker. The organizers have a database in which they contact people to present a subject; however, they are open to receive proposals from anyone who wants to share their experience.

In addition, the meet ups are not only about discussing technical subjects but are also about sharing strategies and advice to improve performance or succeed in the labour market. In fact, one of the speakers talked about how developers can negotiate their salary. Some of the members of our talent acquisition area were present and shared their thoughts about it. It was very interesting to listen to the insights of developers about their experience applying for a job as well as the strategies and criteria that our team from human resources use to select individuals.

The meet ups are an opportunity for experts and amateurs of the digital world to create bonds and build their own communities

The meetups are also an open space for networking. Thanks to these events, people interested in JavaScript are able to connect and together they have conducted other events on technology and development. For instance, they will conduct the JS conf event in Colombia which will take place in November, in the city of Medellin. JS conf is a conference organization that gathers the JavaScript community together in different countries. They aim to push the limits of what can be done with JavaScript, while promoting networking among developers. One of the most remarkable features of the organization is that they don’t follow a particular model for conferences and they simply let local developers organize the event under their own parameters and according to the particular interests of the community.

Some members of the JavaScript community also highlighted how Bogodev has gained interest thanks to the meetups. Bogodev, is a community that plans events and calls to participate in hackathons and contests. It aims to promote socialization, share knowledge and provide tools for engineers to improve their professional lives.

Finally, as a sponsor, we’re proud to promote activities that have a positive impact on developers and promising engineers. It is also an opportunity to help increase the amount of technical talent in the industry. But most importantly, it’s a space where people create bonds. The field of software development is very wide but engineers typically don’t know each other. We’re happy to provide a space where students and experts are able to gather together and start their own projects and communities.

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