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The Importance Of English Skills In Software Development

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March 02, 2015 | Topic: Business   Nearshore  
The Importance Of English Skills In Software Development

Argentina has a reputation for excellent food, wine, sport and tango, but what about English skills?

Well, Argentina was recently ranked number 1 in Latin America, and 15th globally in English skills. The study was conducted by EF Education First, a highly respected educational institute based in Switzerland. The study is part of EF´s annual English Proficiency Index, which is the world´s largest ranking of English skills by country.

The study found that Argentina “by far” had the best English skills in Latin America. Meanwhile Peru was ranked number 3 in Latin America. Argentina has the strongest English proficiency of any Latin American country

Here at Belatrix, English capabilities plays a key role in the selection criteria for deciding on the location of delivery centers (we have centers in Argentina and Peru). This is because as software development projects increase in complexity, clear real-time communication is essential. Particularly in large, complex Agile projects, clear communication between developers, quality assurance, business analysts and product owners is critically important. For your software development project to be a success, advanced English skills are a requirement, not a nice-to-have.

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