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Innovate from obscurity – NSF e-Design scientist looks at software innovation

Karin Nauth Shelley

January 7th, 2013

I’m always on the look out for interesting innovation content.  It’s certainly a professional quest.  I believe that as a software partner, it’s imperative that Belatrix enable its client’s innovation efforts by helping them continuously draw from new insights.  It’s part of our thought leadership approach. But that quest is also a personal one.

HBR recently posted a list of their top blogs for 2012.  I found this one, “Why We Can’t See What’s Right in Front of Us,” particularly intriguing.  It talks about how we often overlook potential in the mundane aspects of life.  For example, how might we look at the potential of a candle.  What potential could you realize if you were to strip off the wax to use the wick buried deep beneath the layers.  The work of Tony McCaffrey, the author of this piece, is backed by the National Science Foundation’s Center for e-Design.  His work looks at how to use innovation-enhancing techniques in software.  The HRB blog is an interesting read.  I hope it helps you reflect on how to look at software development answers for some of the problems you seeking to solve in 2013 and beyond.


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