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Innovation for social purpose at Hackatrix Buenos Aires 2018

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November 05, 2018 | Topic: Hackathon  
Innovation for social purpose at Hackatrix Buenos Aires 2018

Last Saturday October 27 we hosted “Hackatrix 2018” at our offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This event is held every year and for this edition the focus was on creating software for social purposes. Under this scope, the main objective was to promote the collective development of social and innovative ideas in a fun and welcoming environment. The Hackatrix (a merge of the words Hackathon and Belatrix), was a great opportunity for people to get to know our offices and culture, as well as a unique chance to thrust personal projects through professional guidance and support.

This was the 4th consecutive version of this event that gathers software enthusiasts and professionals. The only requirement to be part of the Hackatrix was to be familiar with a programming language or UX and UI, and passionate about software development.

More than 50 people attended, divided into 12 different teams of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 participants. There were 3 different awards: innovation, popularity and featured personality. As for innovation, the winning team was Retirapp with a project focused on managing permissions for Argentinian school students to skip class under special situations such as doctor appointments. Thanks to it, parents are easily able to inform school staff the exact time and identify an authorized person to pick up the student at school. As for the popularity award, the winners were the Coder Girls who had the most reactions on social media in terms of likes, shares and retweets. Finally the featured personality award was earned by Mauro Di Bert who was a role model due to his willingness to collaborate, enthusiasm, and focus on excellence.

Innovation for social purpose at Hackatrix Buenos Aires 2018

Among the highlights for this year’s Hackatrix, the attendance of women was bigger than ever: 34% of participants were female. This is of particular importance due to the fact that software development is a field that remains dominated by men. In this order of ideas, it was an event where inclusion played an important role along with different ideas, needs, and perspectives.

Other excellent ideas which emerged during the event, include team Emes which came up with an innovative platform in which users could list personal belongings exclusively for donation. Meanwhile, Team 5 proposed a platform that connects food shops with community dining rooms in order to feed homeless people and minimize daily food waste.

This year’s version had a top notch jury which was composed of: Jorge Bramujo (Analyst Programmer and special guest), Rubén Lorenzo (Director of Accounts), Lionel Lernes (Scrum Master), Maximiliano Topp (SME/Architect) and Fernando Romero (SME/Architect).

We are happy to say that Hackatrix Buenos Aires – 2018 was a successful event that surpassed our expectations. It was a very valuable opportunity for software enthusiasts to be in touch with important professionals in the field as well as to incubate their ideas or early-stage startups into more mature concepts. You can check out more photos of the event on our Instagram and Facebook pages!

We look forward to seeing you next year!

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