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International Recognition for Argentinian Tech Skills

Charles Green

June 29th, 2015

University of Buenos Aires Comes 18th In International Programming Contest

A few weeks ago, a team from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) came 18th in the annual International ACM Programming Contest, the oldest and most prestigious programming competition. Out of 128 competing universities, UBA came ahead of Harvard (in 19th place) and was the highest performing university in Latin America.

International Recognition for Argentinian Tech Skills

The performance reflects the strength of Argentinian programming skills, which have long been held in high-esteem by organizations looking for a combination of excellent programming capabilities, mixed with creativity and innovation. The quality of Argentinian universities strongly support the development of these skills, and given the absence of tuition fees, are widely accessible.

The attractiveness of Argentina as a destination where enterprises can find high-end technical skills was given further support by a recent report by the Neo Group, a company providing global analysis of different sourcing destinations. The report evaluated countries in Latin America on their attractiveness for sourcing professionals. Related to the skills in Argentina, the report states “the country has a lot to offer when it comes to skilled resources, adding more than 98,000 graduates and 11,000 postgraduates annually”. Meanwhile between 2003-2011 there was a 55% increase in R&D professionals in the country.


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