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Join our webinar on continuous delivery

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July 11, 2016 | Topic: Webinar  
Join our webinar on continuous delivery

The world and your competitive environment is moving faster and faster. Continuous delivery presents a clear framework to deliver software faster, better and cheaper. Organizations from Amazon, Ebay to Facebook have all implemented continuous delivery, because it can help larger organizations release software with the nimbleness, flexibility and responsiveness typically found in start-ups. By continually releasing software it helps your business stay closer to your customers and respond to their needs.

That’s why this Wednesday I will host a webinar on continuous delivery together with Steven Winter, founder of GuerrillaQA.

The underlying theme of the webinar is that even if you cannot, or are in the end unable to fully implement continuous delivery, the attempt to get there will make your organization better and more effective. It’s therefore relevant and important for every technology organization.

In the webinar we will examine:

  • What is continuous delivery today? How do we define it?
  • Why continuous testing is the core of continuous delivery, and how can you implement it?
  • The importance of culture and alignment to achieving your continuous delivery objectives
  • Real success stories and how can you replicate their success

I look forward to seeing you there!


Join our webinar on continuous delivery

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