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Get to know us: introducing Juan Pablo Bello

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March 06, 2019 | Topic: Human Resources  
Get to know us: introducing Juan Pablo Bello

When I was told I had to interview one of Belatrix’s rockstar engineers I was a bit intimidated. According to my previous research on Juan Pablo’s LinkedIn profile, apart from having been in Belatrix for a very long time, he has what appears to be an outstandingly diverse role: Cloud Architect, .NET Architect, Performance Engineer, Security Engineer. Later on, when I got to talk with him and got to know more about his career at Belatrix, I saw his incredible passion for learning and studying about technical topics. I guess the only way to witness this is reading it in his own words:

“The freedom at Belatrix has inspired me to keep on mastering my specific role and to pave the way to build my professional career, always aligned with the company’s strategic plan”

  • Can you please tell me about your role and the story of your career?

Right now I work at Belatrix as a Cloud Architect as well as a Security Specialist. I’ve been around for almost 7 years, in fact, it has been the company where I have spent the most time of my career. At the beginning, I started working as a .Net developer, however I saw a big opportunity to grow at Belatrix so I decided to do some research on my own. This knowledge led me to acquire even more experience and confidence, which ended up providing the necessary tools to dive into more technical and important decisions. After a couple of years, I decided to focus on cloud architecture because I see a lot of potential in these kinds of environments. Along with this, I also decided to become a Security Specialist since it has become a need for us and for the industry as a whole.

  • What is the thing you love the most about your job?

It would be the freedom that Belatrix has given me to study and to widen my technical skills. I also really like being able to spend time analyzing and studying any given issue that a customer may have in terms of architecture, performance, security, costs and business decisions. Belatrix is a company that fosters professional and technical growth. I simply took advantage of it and deepened my skills as much as I could. I feel fortunate to be part of a company that invests so much time and effort in making us feel satisfied and happy with our roles.

  • How has Belatrix helped you achieve your career goals?

I would say it is through the understanding and the general mindset the company has towards employee motivation. This focus offers the opportunity for employees to spend time to learn and acquire technical knowledge on key topics. This freedom has inspired me to keep on mastering my specific role and to pave the way forward for my professional career, always aligned with the company’s strategic plan.

  • What has been your most memorable moment at Belatrix?

I think in general there is a very nice feeling when, after working on a long project with a customer, you are able to deliver a top-notch product that meets both the requirements of the customer and the quality standards of Belatrix. Being able to not only meet, but also exceed the expectations of your customers provides a very satisfying feeling that you want to replicate on all the other projects you work on.

  • What are your goals for your career?

At the moment I am excited to learn more about cloud architecture. As I said, cloud platforms will be imperative for businesses in the near future. Being at Belatrix turns out to be very useful since I am not only able to study but to actually be part of the industry and apply my knowledge to real life use cases.

  • Who is Juan Pablo out of Belatrix? Do you have any hobbies?

My first hobby is my family; I have a couple of young daughters. When I’m not studying or working I try to spend most of the time with them. After that, when I have any free time I like to take out my bicycle and practice mountain biking and take advantage of the good weather.


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