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Manufacturing goes digital – watch the story of PLA´s digital transformation

Charles Green

November 20th, 2018

What does digital transformation mean in practice? This is the question many business and technology executives are asking. To help provide a practical answer, we have been preparing case studies about our work with leading organizations in different sectors. One of the most profound and compelling stories of digital transformation is that of PLA, a leading manufacturing company, specialized in the agricultural sector. PLA has a long history of designing and building state-of-the-art machinery, which they then export all over the world.

However, despite being a leader in their sector, PLA realized they needed to use digital technology in order to stay ahead of their competition. Back in 2013, PLA started this process of transformation and evolution – which has become a full-scale digital transformation.

PLA’s journey to becoming a digital company

Realizing that they could use technology to provide better, faster, and more efficient services to their customers, executives at PLA approached Belatrix to help it create a new digital vision, and then help implement this vision.

Watch the digital transformation case study

Find out how PLA´s digital transformation progressed in the below video. You can also read about PLA´s transformation in our case study.


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