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Manufacturing goes Digital

Santiago Noziglia

July 26th, 2018

Manufacturing Goes Digital

Our latest report, “Manufacturing Goes Digital”, is the case study of the digital transformation of PLA, one of Belatrix’s manufacturing customers, and one of the most forward-thinking companies in its industry.

As the report states, despite being a leader in the agricultural sector, executives at PLA recognized that they were starting to struggle in their interactions with customers, particularly in post-sales, where they would still have regular interactions with customers (for example, for ordering spare parts and training individuals in how to use the machinery). They knew there was opportunity to use technology to improve these encounters and provide better service to their customers.

PLA approached Belatrix to help create and deliver its digital vision. How should the company look like in the digital world? From its organization to the services it offers, PLA tasked Belatrix with helping it become a modern, nimble, digital organization. The digital transformation was therefore not just aimed at helping it improve its services to existing customers, but also grow new lines of business.

The report goes on to describe how Belatrix helped PLA create a new digital vision, used Design Thinking to build a new approach to product development, and finally helped them with our technical expertise. The team included people with expertise ranging from development, UX, digital transformation, to business integration. In other words, it’s a great story of digital transformation.

You can read the full case study here. I hope you will find insights in it which can be applied to your business.


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