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Providing meaningful user experiences: the new image of Belatrix’s website

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September 06, 2018 | Topic: UI   UX   Web design  
Providing meaningful user experiences: the new image of Belatrix’s website

We’re delighted to announce that Belatrix’s new website is live!

Over the past few months we’ve been working hard on the redesign of our site which aims to make it easier for you to find out about our services and what we do at Belatrix. Our top priority has always been to provide the best experience and services to our clients, partners, and visitors, from the very moment you contact us, to the last stages of delivery and beyond – our new website has been rebuilt with this as its core goal.

Everyday, many people interact with our website, which is why, we decided to redesign our site to improve their navigation, provide in-depth information about the technology business, and create an enjoyable experience. This experience involves making it easy to find interesting and engaging content, which explains the value of our services, explores our thoughts about what is happening in technology industry, and the opportunities of being part of the Belatrix family.

Our team of UX design experts along with marketing and sales, rebuilt the structure, navigation and design of the website in a process that comprised two phases: thinking and doing. During the first phase, our team carried out the benchmarking and stakeholder and user interviews to discover how the previous website could be improved. In the second phase, they created the information architecture, which focuses on organizing and labeling content so users can easily find different sections and explore our services. Our designers also created a new visual identity, with a modern palette of color and typography that provides enjoyable interactions. You can read more about the redesign process in our whitepaper.

the new image of Belatrix’s website

As a result, you can now easily explore our new “industries” section that highlights our expertise in sectors such as fintech, healthcare, and media and entertainment. Meanwhile, in our “insights” section, you can discover the latest thinking of Belatrix’s experts in our blogs, whitepapers, and webinars which explore the latest trends and developments in technology and business.

And finally, we hope to have conveyed Belatrix’s core values. At their heart, these values combine professionalism and hard work with close, personal relationships. So throughout the site we have aimed to reflect the closeness we have with our clients and the personalized services we offer.

We are delighted to see the new webpage go live. We hope it will provide you an excellent experience, in-depth insights about our software development expertise, and how we help organizations thrive in the digital world.

Service Design: Providing meaningful end-to-end experiences

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