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Microsoft Launches Visual Studio 2015

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July 21, 2015 | Topic: Technology  
Microsoft Launches Visual Studio 2015

How To Easily Integrate AngularJS With Visual Studio 2015

Yesterday Microsoft announced the release of Visual Studio 2015, which is now available for download. In addition, Microsoft announced that .Net 4.6 is available.

Microsoft Launches Visual Studio 2015

The main theme during the launch of Visual Studio 2015 was that it is a cross platform tool – so developers can use it to develop apps for any of the major platforms. Developers also have the choice of using a variety of programming languages. During the presentation, S.Somasegar, Microsoft`s corporate vice president of the Developer Division, summed up this approach by saying Visual Studio 2015 aims to “bring the productivity of Visual Studio and .Net to any developer working on any kind of application”.

In light of this cross-platform, multi-language theme, a few months ago we published a blog “How to easily integrate AngularJS with Visual Studio 2015”. Here we used the preview version of Visual Studio 2015 to see how easy it would be to integrate it was AngularJS, an open source web application framework. So if you have a few minutes, take a look, and run yourself through the how to guide!

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